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Being in the mountains, holidays, illness and death

My family took a trip to the mountains near Asheville after Christmas. It was the perfect get-away, a rental through a colleague and a chance to see some family who came from out-of-state. Yet I didn’t foresee the impact that … Continue reading

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Poem: Used to

Being next to you in bed Like this Used to upend me Your words mean something Wholly different now Than they used to Honoring what you are Here to show me Is clearer than it used to be Oh, how … Continue reading

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Welcoming Friendship

I have a good friend that I worked with in the software industry back in California, we’ve known each other almost 25 years. Recently he’s been making some diet and health changes that I have some background with, so he … Continue reading

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Three hawks

I pulled up in my car this morning, and opened the door to a hawk swooping down right in front of me¬† ūüôā And the odd thing was that yesterday morning two hawks, probably a mated pair, swooped right over … Continue reading

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When I saw the map, a¬†trail caught my eye; the “Neverland” loop. It is in a forest close to home but¬†I’d never heard about, until a local outdoor shop posted about it this week. When I drove there today, I … Continue reading

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12 Meteors

My son saw 7 meteors tonight, and I saw 5. Better yet we had an adventure. I’d packed the chairs, blankets and hot chocolate before his dad dropped him back home from a holiday party. My son and I already … Continue reading

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A farm…retreat

My son and I spent a day on a farm yesterday. It was sunny, we met new friends.¬† My son and I had¬†loving and¬†stress-less time together. ¬†We harvested vegetables that we took home and cooked the same evening. I felt … Continue reading

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Poem: Remembered

I remembered Not to forget That silence Is the most potent Conversation Of all

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Poem: I Forgot, Again

An argument The ex-partner Hanging up the phone You can’t merge incompatible views Comes back into view Again I forgot, Again It is so simple Why I want to forget Like pain so strong You black out

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Cotton-candy clouds for breakfast with an eagle

  I woke at 5:30 and headed out to the lake,¬† the first time I’ve ever done a sunrise paddle!¬†¬† This is how the waves sounded at dawn today… The wind was¬†just a¬†little¬†more gusty than the forecast, about 4-5 mph.¬† … Continue reading

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