Realization of Maya

Realization of Maya

I went to the party Saturday night
And watched ghosts of misperception
Pass across my field of vision
And then I simply wondered about
These people’s inherent divinity
And there it was, so sweet
So sweet I stopped talking
And starting loving listening
To them
In a way I have only seen you do
Oh and the things they did start saying 😉
When loved in the heart that way
Everyday you make more sense to me
Everyday I wake up into the wonder of This
Realization of Maya
But especially the heart stopping beauty
Of just being here on earth
With you at the same time
-May 16 2011
This poem is dedicated to Charlie Morris, who coined the phrase “Awakening to Samsara” – the name of his upcoming book, which inspired the title of this poem “Realization of Maya”

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