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Poem: Dear Friend

Dear friend do not fight Or even experience opposition With ignorant black magicians As your mind takes the shape Of what they dream To vanquish them You have lost They are only Being Do not dream as they do

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Being in the mountains, holidays, illness and death

My family took a trip to the mountains near Asheville after Christmas. It was the perfect get-away, a rental through a colleague and a chance to see some family who came from out-of-state. Yet I didn’t foresee the impact that … Continue reading

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Children’s Reiki Class

My son and I attended a children’s Reiki class last weekend which was recommended by a colleague. Wonderful and supportive, the angelic energy was very tangible. There were five children all together. Crystals everywhere. The attunements were very touching to … Continue reading

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Attic and crawl space

Writing has taken a back seat to the urgency of life these last months.  Along with parenting, caregiving and working, now has come extensive home repairs. A good home can be your foundation,  a home with challenges can unseat you. … Continue reading

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I woke up on my meditation room floor.  I managed to do a short set of yoga postures, but didn’t make to the bed to fall asleep.   I woke up at the exact time my healer wrote a comment on … Continue reading

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Dream: Spontaneous Flying

I just awoke having dreamed an amazing dream.  This is the fourth day of my ten day master cleanse fast. I was in a hall with many of my old spiritual friends, and my first spiritual teacher of non-duality (Advaita … Continue reading

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