When I met God
I threw open the doors
I did not know everywhere
He entered
Would be consumed
By fire
Especially my mind

Confused by the smoke
I wandered looking
For him that lit the blaze
Longing for that speech
That can only take place
Between the flame
And its torch

Forced to accept loss
I gave up what burned
And fell free
Life moved in slow motion
I held fast to him in nothingness
The gift of immolation so clear
But then, God raised the walls from ash
and ressurected my mind

It walks like a ghost unseen
Through hallways at work and home
I “know” these thoughts are empty
I, you and these things just do not exist
They are made only of presence
Yet God demands I speak to him
Of tomorrows and yesterdays
He hands me back an ego
And somethingness
Though I long for nothingness
And the awareness it brings

Oh I pray on bended knees
Lord, you have marked me
With the most sacred ash
Three lines across my forehead
Must I accept this damn confusion?
This ego, time and space
For this mind and the whole world
To burn completely into

I am the damp, I am the wood
I am the fire, the burning, the smoke
Because you put me to the torch
I am that vibhuti

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