12 Meteors

Geminid Meteor shower Dec 13 2012 - Mark Almond | malmond@al.com

Geminid Meteor shower Dec 13 2012 – Mark Almond | malmond@al.com

My son saw 7 meteors tonight, and I saw 5. Better yet we had an adventure. I’d packed the chairs, blankets and hot chocolate before his dad dropped him back home from a holiday party. My son and I already had a full day, cleaning the house in the morning then heading out for a 2 mile Christmas parade for his Taekwondo demo team in the afternoon. So I wasn’t sure we’d have the energy for going out at 8pm at night. It is a half-hour drive out to the lake where our local planetarium sponsors skywatching evenings. But we did it, and my heart feels wonder-full.

We arrived and put up our captains chairs, then we wandered around in the dark stopping at every telescope we could find. My son loves to learn scientific details and then explain them to the next person who stops by 🙂 We saw the Andromeda galaxy, two star clusters, and a nebula. Then we just sat and watched for meteors while drinking our hot chocolate. Though we each saw many meteors, we couldn’t manage to see the same one together! They were just too fast and we were scanning the other side of the sky each time it happened…

I’m 51 years old, and there is nothing I would rather be doing on a Saturday night than sitting by the lake looking up at the stars with my 9-year-old son. I haven’t been on my SUP for about two months now, but this is how the sky looked when I was last out there after sunset. How nourishing a full sky of star light is to our subtle energy, even when there aren’t meteor showers to delight!

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