Being in Nature

Being in nature restores our Being. During times of illness and energetic changes, being in nature can become essential. I have written several articles about the powerful impact that being nature can have during awakening:

Epiphany; Bathe in Nature

Bathe in Nature Redux

Field of Stars

Here is a short dialogue close to my heart about this.

Q. I took a walk out on the nature trails right after work Friday night. It was like my subtle field cleared. Initially I felt that connection to “your” subtle presence.. I think by the time I got out of the car I was crying. I don’t remember “why”. There were these bushes, oh such a sweet smell. Not honeysuckle, but something else like that. As I looked at the leaves, I felt the Kundalini energy and everything melted into presence. Absence of subject and object. As I walked it felt like I was walking through my own dream and I was holding it all in my heart. There is no looking for something outside myself in that place.

A. (Charlie Morris) Yes. I think of Thoreau every single day “in wildness is the preservation of man”. But I change it to this “in wildness is the preservation of presence”. Nature has truly been the lifesaver for me time and again since the Kundalini began. There is no answer worth knowing, that cannot be found out there. If it can’t be answered by caressing the honeysuckle, it just doesn’t really matter.

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