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Poem: House of Cards

That life is a house of cards Is a truism The very cliche of impermanence Yet we view some situations As stable, and others like cards? It is very hard to see The house of cards everywhere Especially within The … Continue reading

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Poem: Charnel

I thank you Chödpas must go to the charnel grounds To practice offering their flesh To voracious lower beings But you, you make my life Like a charnel ground A constant offering To grasping for my lifeforce Without moving an … Continue reading

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Poem: Wondered

I laid on the table yesterday Needles stuck in the stuck chi I awoke, wondered Holding the dissolution of life How it dissipates like a dream Rarefied, I, The Bridge, Phoenix All vibrating loudly Wondered that I came to earth … Continue reading

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Notice When you see the sun Sun is all there is When you smell the flower Perfume is all there is When you smile at that person They are all that is What indescribable joy Just to be life, aware … Continue reading

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Poem: Recovery

And when I die, They’ll blame me for not Having taken better care Of myself They’ll discuss my disease Of empathy and enablement If only she could have healed From her childhood Found a functional partner Put her father in … Continue reading

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Poem: This side and the other

I can only fall in love In the marriage Of this side And the other

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Reblog: Deep Ocean – Poem by Charlie Morris

Almost six years ago,  the healer I was working with published this poem.  It had an impact on me back then, and it would sometimes come to mind over the years.  But given the events since November,  just about everyday I … Continue reading

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Poem: Dear Friend

Dear friend do not fight Or even experience opposition With ignorant black magicians As your mind takes the shape Of what they dream To vanquish them You have lost They are only Being Do not dream as they do

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Poem: Harvest Moon

Oh, I have been looking at The finger Gorgeous harvest moon

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Poem: Bird

Thunk The bird hit the window Out of a total of 18 people I was the only one in the meeting room To turn and watch the grey titmouse Fly away, only a little dazed

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