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Poem: lost

Too much is stripped At once, you’re lost Can I lose all this And somehow return? Am I fighting the way It is supposed to be? Just stay still in This astronaut emptiness The ashes are the birth Place of … Continue reading

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Poem: Delusional

The words make sense But the sense of the words does not I’m being climbed up a staircase Of delusion Just listening To these thoughts

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Poem: Sidelined

Yes,  relationship with you Is what I came here for It itself dreaming it awakens through a relationship with a teacher Dissolving the myth That you created my experience Is the experience I attained But that has sidelined me In … Continue reading

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Poem: The image does not

The image does not produce the screen The refection does not cause the water The moving cloud does not create the sky The acting play does not make the stage Thought does not engender the space of mind Emotion and … Continue reading

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Reblog: Poem: Desert by Charlie Morris

Desert by Charlie Morris (13July2010) I wonder if the spirits are as exasperated with me as I am with them. Why does my learning come from loss and not from joy? And how long will this lesson take? Why is … Continue reading

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Poem: Worth and Misfortune

I’ve decided my Life Is worth living Even if few understand What it is devoted to And the isolation that brings A few writings that intimate The most important experiences I came here in a body to behold And the … Continue reading

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Astronaut Redux

There is no gravity No air What keeps me alive Spinning In mid-air? All the earth, All the atmosphere Dissolved I am a ghost astronaut Hanging here Devastating celestial, Wrathful dakini Teaching Razed our lives apart Breathe emptiness in Exhale … Continue reading

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Poem: House of Cards

That life is a house of cards Is a truism The very cliche of impermanence Yet we view some situations As stable, and others like cards? It is very hard to see The house of cards everywhere Especially within The … Continue reading

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Poem: Charnel

I thank you Ch√∂dpas must go to the charnel grounds To practice offering their flesh To voracious lower beings But you, you make my life Like a charnel ground A constant offering To grasping for my lifeforce Without moving an … Continue reading

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Poem: Wondered

I laid on the table yesterday Needles stuck in the stuck chi I awoke, wondered Holding the dissolution of life How it dissipates like a dream Rarefied, I, The Bridge, Phoenix All vibrating loudly Wondered that I came to earth … Continue reading

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