– Us Awakening

These poems are about awakening, all of us…

The Lightening Bolts of the Bardo – Redux

Through the lightening bolts
Of the Bardo
I have found you
This Love unending
We awake to remember
Across lifetimes of minds
How many tidal waves
We have ridden and tamed?
How many tornado winds
Have we held each other through
To the Center

This is what I say to you, and myself,
You are Love worthy through and through
No thought can prove otherwise.
If we are going to dream, in truth,
Why not be extravagantly vulnerable?

2 Responses to – Us Awakening

  1. joe o'connell says:

    i was stumbling along, until i met you, now i feel vulnerable

    • tealas says:

      That is beautiful, when something or someone opens us to what was apparently covered. I’m grateful that something shared here has supported you in that.


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