Cotton-candy clouds for breakfast with an eagle


001I woke at 5:30 and headed out to the lake,  the first time I’ve ever done a sunrise paddle!   This is how the waves sounded at dawn today…

The wind was just a little more gusty than the forecast, about 4-5 mph.  But the waves were higher than I expected,  perhaps left over from the strong winds last night.   Still very inviting, so I launched off to my favorite cove.

The sun was rising as I paddled, only two other boats out on the lake.    I was so free to paddle without dodging jet skis and motor boats.  The clouds turned pink and blue, cotton-candy for breakfast.   A bald eagle joined me flying just above me, close enough for me to see his beautiful white cap and yellow beak.   This is the grounding for my day.

I just finished an 8 day fast on Saturday and then returned to work yesterday.  Things feel so much clearer to me now that my body has had that rest.   I’ve realized I am finally healing some deep wounds and energetic patterns from my separation with my son’s father.  Even to the physical remnants of a challenging C. diff infection I contracted about 5 months after my son’s birth.   Healing my boundaries with what is unhealthy and not in my best interests.

I began my day in nature,  feeling the rhythm of the water, calling to the eagle and the heron.  It keeps alive what I have seen in my fasting… how utterly absurd most of what we do in our culture is.  You know,  like what you “see” when you have to help a loved one in the hospital and then you come back to work and see how foolish most of what we expend energy on actually is?   That is how I feel coming back to work after this fast.   We create drama and chaos in our work environments and then “labor” through them.  I have softly made a new commitment to myself today;  if I cannot see how absurd it all is at work and in our culture in general,  then I need to go rest and fast.


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