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Being in the mountains, holidays, illness and death

My family took a trip to the mountains near Asheville after Christmas. It was the perfect get-away, a rental through a colleague and a chance to see some family who came from out-of-state. Yet I didn’t foresee the impact that … Continue reading

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Meditation at work

For about the last two and half years I’ve attended a mediation group at work when possible.   It is a great bunch of folks, and we have an online newsgroup where several members post articles or poems they find inspiring about … Continue reading

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Reblog: Poem-Blessed Boddhisattva

This poem was originally posted by Charlie Morris in January 2010.

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Hosting our visiting teacher

(I began this article two months ago and it is finally time to complete it… ) I’ve never hosted a formal Tibetan teacher in my home.  When my son’s father invited Geshe Tenzin Yangton here to teach Trul Khor in Fall, … Continue reading

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Self-reflectivity, it makes or breaks relationships. Most people will tolerate a lack of self-reflectivity in certain types of interactions, for instance the incredibly skilled surgeon who has a horrible bed-side manner. Yes, you have an important medical partnership with that … Continue reading

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A farm…retreat

My son and I spent a day on a farm yesterday. It was sunny, we met new friends.  My son and I had loving and stress-less time together.  We harvested vegetables that we took home and cooked the same evening. I felt … Continue reading

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Poem: Closer

Am I closer to you Even while further away? Distance clarifies the meaning And purpose Of the actions, that you can’t Or won’t You say that when we Truly don’t want some difficulty To leave us, when we can finally … Continue reading

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Spiritual Cruelty

When you see it, the inherent truth of everything being true nature, then you may witness what I would call not just spiritual materialism, but spiritual cruelty.   What I have seen is a painful combination of projection and power,  where “teaching” actually … Continue reading

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I’m here, 4:00am, with the compulsion to write.  I went to my father’s follow-up appointment yesterday in a very human experience of “dread”.   This was the appointment with his main kidney doctor who has been tracking his life-threatening auto-immune … Continue reading

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Tears in heaven

Yesterday I woke up with this song, “Tears in Heaven”, going through my being. Sometimes when there is a strong impression like this, I wonder if it is a portent. But yesterday morning I set aside that view and really … Continue reading

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