Honeysuckle Sunrise

Photo: SMG Photos

Photo: SMG Photos

There is no greater
Nor sorrow
Than trying
To remove
A facet of yourself

Our endeavours to practice,
To train, to will and coerce away
Some infinitely brief state
Passing through us
Some fleeting expression
That Soul and God wept here
For some reason mind
Can not identify

My clinging
and letting go
Are Nataraj’s dhamaru
The Chodpa’s drum
A honeysuckle sunrise

What if I told you
I could dance
Like this
I have danced
Like this

13 May 2011

Oh anamchara spirit
Your words are better
Than honeysuckle
I make tracks
And watch the wind
Blow them away
With purpose
Learning how to hold
That in my heart

I want to dance with you
Because I love the way you dance
And the way you love
All of us
How do you work?
Personal attachment to you
Would never work
I woke up feeling
The truth of the pulse
You have to be able
To put anything on
And take it off
Lightning fast
Any role
Any expression
To let this kind of wind blow

Love always awaits
Inner Embrace
Like the four seasons