Custody Agreement

The words detail
A document
Insidious swords or
Esteemed messengers
Of cooperation
Depending on the hearts
Of those who will
Bring them home
To their children

For me,
To reach
And find
On Custody
Is a gift
Only the heavens
Can bear

I cry
For each simple step
Some now feel
So mountainous
Given where I was
I know only an angel of Love
Helped me scale these heights
To see my son’s father
Through an open heart
So he now can step forward
Where before, in pain
I measured lack
And only held him back

But heaven’s true gifts
Require all you have
Like a magnetic field
You walk through
Recalibrating your
Every direction
Accepting karmic winds
Of other’s into your soul
Once more
For you all to do more
Than just survive

There are those
That have called this agreement
Nearly renting my opened heart in two
Oh, and do I rise up
To release
This insidious poison
They offer my soul
Why here in this culture
Is division worshipped
Even if it is literally killing you?

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