I have many teachers, but my most transformational spiritual guide reached me through sacred poetry in a way that no other teacher had ever touched my heart. Sacred poetry written from the heart of transformation can carry that ineffable vibration like no other words.

See the pull-down menus on this page for a library of the poetry I have been writing during my Kundalini experiences over the last years.   Many of these poems were written and previously shared on the Poetry Chaikhana online forum.  I hope these poems convey the wonder and potency, the light and the unveiling of the shadows of awakening.

All poems posted on these pages written by Teala Spitzbarth… especially with gratitude for the poetry of Charlie Morris and the poets of the Chaikhana poetry forum.

13 May 2011

Oh anamchara spirit
Your words are better
Than honeysuckle
I make tracks
And watch the wind
Blow them away
With purpose
Learning how to hold
That in my heart

I want to dance with you
Because I love the way you dance
And the way you love
All of us
How do you work?
Personal attachment to you
Would never work
I woke up feeling
The truth of the pulse
You have to be able
To put anything on
And take it off
Lightning fast
Any role
Any expression
To let this kind of wind blow

Love always awaits
Inner Embrace
Like the four seasons

2 Responses to Poetry

  1. joseph Atkin says:

    Are these Teala’s own original, or adapted poems? I’m inclined to believe that they are, just no name is listed as the poet.

    • tealas says:

      Joseph, yes these are all original poems that have flowed through me. Perhaps I should list my name on them. I have several dozen more to post, I’ll let you know when they are up!

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