Good quality sleep is essential during strong energetic awakening and healing. During my sudden awakening in 2010, I was not able to rest adequately and it led to severe imbalance. I urge you to find the avenues that help you get the rest you need to heal and integrate what is moving through you. If you are looking for a practice to help balance your energies around sleep, here are two that may assist you:

Here is a dialogue I had with my healer where he shared some of the ritual he observes around sleep.

Q. This tiredness came over me about 4pm, so going to sleep now. Thanks for noticing that I wasn’t understanding Tranquilo quite right. Maybe I’ll be online later, will see what my energy is doing. Maybe hearing you will mean I will sleep longer tonight.

My son’s teacher told me he was in a very loving state all day – very kind to all his friends and giving them hugs. Then in the store he was saying hello to people and said something like “it is good to say nice things to people”. This is so wonderful to see him in sweetness like this. Thank you for your healing.

I don’t know if I have actually said this – I write so much because it is like I am always talking to you. It doesn’t really stop. Sometimes it feels more specific, sometimes it feels quiet. I talk to you in between the keys, the email lines, the statements in meetings, any space I can find, I talk to you….

Can you teach me more about sleep, and how Shiva and Shakti are dancing so loudly every night?

A. (Charlie Morris)

You are so welcome. I am so glad you have found something that speaks to you in such a strong and invigorating way. It seems that you were fairly bursting just prior to meeting me I’d say! It is always a wonderful experience to be a part of someone recognizing themselves after a long drought.

I am so glad that your son had a lovely day. I sincerely appreciate your gratitude. And yes, the communication is like an ongoing conversation, I know exactly what you mean. I am sure there is some interesting Sanskrit word for it, but I don’t know many of them.

On the sleeping thing…I would like to hear more about what the sleeping..or not sleeping is like for you when we talk on Saturday, if we talk on Saturday. But going off of assumptions, I would say this advice….sleep is critical during periods of intense awakenings. Integration time is very very important, probably the most important thing of all. At night, when the world has turned out the lights, God comes out to play in full regalia, at the time when our minds are no longer preoccupied with “doing”. When the doing is done, God can be felt…finally. What you feel at night that keeps you awake is actually what is going on in you all day long. Every wild spiritual experience you have ever had is not an isolated event…they occur all day long, all life long. We are vibrant teeming aliveness, with sentience and self awareness (at times). So, when we start waking up, we feel these supposedly ‘subtle energies’ in a much more pronounced manner, at the time of day that we are the most still.

What to do so that you can sleep? Make bedtime a ritual as much as you can. Your energy, the Kundalini, the true nature, seeks an attuned path through your physical form. It seeks a divine union between it and your form. So, set aside time for anything that helps you feel attuned, like a tuning fork. Chi Lel, Yoga, massage, singing bowls, toning, chanting…all these practices stem from those who have, out of necessity, found the need to balance energies when they get loud. Every night I begin with the singing bowl, do some yoga, and tone for a bit. Writing most of the poems is a form of yoga for me, and each poem is usually attempting to describe my direct experience of what the love feels like and says to me. I lay in Shivassana for a while with out fail. Then I do a few minutes of Chi Lel. I also do mudras. This may seem like a lot. But it is unavoidable for me, for the energies are so strong that I have to just surrender to what they require, while they do their work. One last thing I do often is the mala beads, focusing on sending the energy plowing through me, out to the world. I think of anyone who I imagine is seeking peace and float it their way, one person for each mala. Since the energy is divine love, this seems to be a good fit. Once these practices are in place, I drift off immediately.

The best thing to do, now that you have heard my story, is to find even a few minutes of quiet space and ask your body what it wants to do to settle and channel the energy to where it wants to go. Then surrender, regardless of how it looks or sounds. Find what speaks through you.

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  1. janeadamsart says:

    This is quite helpful. I have insomnia since many years. It comes in waves of about a fortnight. On a good night I get 4-5 hours, on a bad one, perhaps two. I get up early and cannot sleep during the day. The subtle energy which prevents me from sleeping is fear and not being able to “earth” like I can when awake. In the evening I am too tired to do or think of anything but get into bed and … then why am I not asleep? Puzzling each time! It needs energy for me to focus on a sattvic bedtime ritual – needs a focus which I don’t have at that time of day. Habit I suppose … and I will try to practice differently! – with some of Charlie’s suggestions.

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