Love Reassuring Love Itself

Love Reassuring Love Itself

Your words meet my heart
Lifting it into joy
Like no others can
Or ever will
And then setting it
Gently to the ground

I feel encircled by the love of a trusted friend
Watched by the compassionate eyes of a true healer
Guarded by a guide who knows no compare

My cares evaporate
Yes, I remember sky wide smiles
And feel that resonate affection present now!

If there were any true distance
Between lips, air, ear and heart
These words would not vibrate me so

What I feel is
Love reassuring Love itself
The way human hearts
Were meant to be
How can these prayer words not convey
Your life’s direct experience
Vibrationally to me?

Love Reassuring Love Itself was inspired by the poem “Remembrance” by Charlie Morris.
Charlie Morris has other poetry published here


2 Responses to Love Reassuring Love Itself

  1. Hamsa Harriet Hilker says:

    Ahhhhhhh awe …. Heart open hushed in the lullaby of your words/video

    Thanks for posting this….. Hamsa

  2. Leslie says:

    Oh…yes. ♥
    xoxo -Leslie

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