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Our Barred Owl Guide Again

There is a tremendous amount of change going on in our house right now.  We are getting the little in-law apartment that my father used to live in ready to rent out.   Given the level of repairs we have … Continue reading

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The Great White Egret Guide: Peacemaking

Originally posted on NatureSUP:
Tonight was the first evening in over a month that I could go out to SUP.   Caring for my father and important house repairs have occupied most weekends.   Paddling out on the lake, I have seen…

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A red fox visit and more healing for my dad

Yesterday morning I looked out in the back yard and saw our neighbor’s black cat running through our yard. I thought it was chasing another neighborhood cat, but suddenly realized that wasn’t another cat at all that I was seeing!  It was similar … Continue reading

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Owl conversations

I’ve started to walk a mile every night before I go to sleep.  It seems to be important for this phase of my life and my health.  It was an intuition about 10 days ago,  I’ve lost weight and more … Continue reading

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I’ve never sailed a boat or windsurfed. Yet this word jibe came forward over the last week. It makes me feel how to navigate the winds of life.  How I can turn my sail into a sudden karmic wind to change course. Becoming more … Continue reading

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Three times overhead

I was out walking in my neighborhood tonight, talking on the phone with my son to say goodnight.  I looked up and excitedly said,  “I just saw an owl fly across the road and into the trees!”  He was excited … Continue reading

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The Wild Turkey Animal Spirit Gift For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day turned out to be a pretty glorious day.   Mostly sunny and getting up into the 90’s.    This was one of the every “other” weekends that my son is with his father, so I had the morning to … Continue reading

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I’m here, 4:00am, with the compulsion to write.  I went to my father’s follow-up appointment yesterday in a very human experience of “dread”.   This was the appointment with his main kidney doctor who has been tracking his life-threatening auto-immune … Continue reading

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Fourth Mastercleanse Fast-Day 2

I’ve made a commitment for my own healing over the last year.   It is to do the Mastercleanse fast for at least 7 days, four times a year until certain symptoms resolve.   The first time I ever did … Continue reading

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Poem: Pax

Cardinals and Titmouse visiting in the snow Barred owls calling Drop, drop, crash Heavy snow falls, branches break Under the weight of ice The birds flutter up The rooster next door crows A storm called Pax Has slowed us down To … Continue reading

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