Health article on Covid-19 and supplements

Supplements that may be helpful for Covid-19 symptoms

There are no supplements officially recommended for Covid-19 prevention. But… there are articles associating low Vit D3 levels with poor outcomes:

Having good support for Vit D, Vit C and Zinc levels is fundamental for fighting respiratory illness:

From the cases and articles that I’ve read, you have watch out for inflammation damage about 1-2 weeks after the first symptoms (Avg 8 days after symptoms: ).

If Covid-19 is going to get into your immune cells and possibly trigger cytokine damage, it typically happens a little later. Some people think they are better, and then it comes back with the inflammation damage. Do not let this virus sneak back up on you after you think you are well.

If you think you are at risk for cytokine storm, it may help to take quercetin (~500-1,000mg) daily. This is not an officially sanctioned recommendation, but information based on reading and personal experience:

If you have a positive result or risk regular exposure to Covid-19, you may want to consider taking Red Marine Algae (Gigartina skottsbergii) to help inhibit viral replication. My son and I used this when we had H1N1 flu. It is safe and readily available:

We lost my father to Covid-19 in April, 2020.  He was in a skilled nursing facility and we had no way to visit him for 5 weeks before he fell ill.  It is one of my deepest regrets that I was not able to help him with this information.   But his best friend back in our hometown also fell ill with Covid-19, and I was able to send these supplements to his family. They all recovered or did not come down with Covid-19.

I receive no financial benefit for this article, nor have any involvement with the companies/products I linked into this article.  I am merely sharing information that may be beneficial.

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