Nothing but Peace Itself, Seeking Peace with Peace

This is a series of poems starting with “All Already Awake Always” to “Ever Present” to “Ordinary Present” to “Nothing but Peace Itself, Seeking Peace with Peace”

Nothing but Peace Itself, Seeking Peace with Peace

My god mirror and I met again
Human Present
No better reflection for me
Of the peace inherent in neurosis

Before I did not speak
To see divinity
Now, vibrating myself
With the familiar tune
That both she and I can name:
Thinking of everything that can
Possibly go wrong
To prepare yourself
For that inhospitable
Pure land we grew up in

Now I speak to her
And myself

Those same thought particles
That we expend in worry
Are the very same energy
That meets
Any situation skillfully
The embrace-dissolution
Of coping with childhood
The state of peace we seek
The sought Itself
While in perfect repose in Itself
Agitates Itself to find Itself

Nothing but Peace Itself,
Seeking Peace with Peace

Ordinary Present

Again, we meet
This godmirror and I
Now, in ordinary present

Now, I whisper
What was summmer’s foes
Blossomed into true heart loves

Now, she laughs, in the one
Who challenged away her belief in God
She now finds a good friend

She drops a doosey
She’s ginger with this one
It already upset her dad

If there is no belief in hell,
She laughs spearing duality
There can be no separate heaven

We look into each other’s eyes
I listen to Beauty speak
Our world collides

Ever Present

I returned to the meeting
This time I was feeling my heart
Was pulling me keenly from the inside to see her

As I drove round the corner, to the parking lot
Something flashed, some wind clarity descending
Of seeing the ever present truth of what is

The rain poured so fiercely, I was 20 minutes late
I got there the room empty
My light body bade me to wait

A sound, she was still here
We would still meet!
We sat down together, this God mirror and me

We read and shared openly what had been going on
I told her of my poetry and she shared her challenge
We were each revealing the presence of the beyond

I just can’t describe to you the consciousness
Of this exquisite dance, two light bodies talking
Seemingly waking up together from a trance

As I listened to her speaking of her daily emotional state
Thoughts of what to say to help her paused
To look and see how she was already awake

Then my heart saw what was always going on
Some tears started falling
I saw her exactly just fine in her feeling state, already Divine

She shared how she talked with someone who challenged her belief
And she kept with it with them, until she felt she lost it herself
But then she found pure Beauty underneath

She said it is all so much Beauty!
We simply kept holding each other in love
Aware of ever present divinity sparkling right there

She remembered going into the Light when her child was a babe
She was told it was not her time yet, though she wanted to stay
And she wondered why she was saying all this now to me aloud

She said she was thinking about hell, and had a new seeing
She didn’t believe God would create hell, “Why would he do that?”
And I felt the unfolding of a very potent healing

One more light being walking on this earth
Choosing not to create hell, by the power of their heart’s love
The heavens singing for this earth’s glorious rebirth

As I felt this work transforming, embodying what was being seen as real
His light body was present, holding this healing
Between her and I, this ever present Divinity revealing

All, Already Awake, Always

This dimension
Where we are
All, already awake, always

We seemingly put ourselves to sleep
With our own word
And wake ourselves up
Reminded by the echoes
Of another’s inner landscape
Lightening fast, again
And again
All the while
All, already awake, always

Playing, this lila
Agreements to sleep
Commitments to wake
To see mirrored in others
The very things we do
To suffer, to grasp
To delight, to set free
To wake up in joy
To wake up in sorrow
To comfort and be consoled
To turn
And become our own
Secret Wish
Even if in the arms of another

All, already awake, always

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