You Stole My Shrine Away

Even though right in front of me
You stole my shrine away
While sitting at it yesterday
No image am I allowed to see

This is not of disrespect
There comes a moment
When God steals what you love best
So you must drink water direct

And your heart may start to ache
If you’re not listening too well
You find you are quite compeled
To act for the higher sake

So with Shanti Deva care
I gave my retreat away
To the one who really needs
To go meditate over there

No choice to act for the best
So formless my life now feels
Instead of lovely busyness
At home I now can rest

Deep change can cause distress
Except when held in Trust
With the one who reveals
It is a love driven process

Oh, I might wish that I could see
What this poem will really mean
But I know I truly haven’t a clue
Because this poem is unwriting me

-June 2010

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