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Yoga Nidra

A week ago, I was surprised to find that my company was running a four week Yoga Nidra class. I felt immediately drawn to sign up, and today was the first class. So if you can imagine walking into a … Continue reading

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Poem: Burn

Only one Here To burn Loves Fire and Wind

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Recognizing the path as unknown

About three years ago I was driving in my car and I suddenly recognized my path was unknown. I asked the universe and all beings for help to wake up completely, and I did not know what that meant or … Continue reading

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Poem: Remembered

I remembered Not to forget That silence Is the most potent Conversation Of all

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I’ve never sailed a boat or windsurfed. Yet this word jibe came forward over the last week. It makes me feel how to navigate the winds of life.  How I can turn my sail into a sudden karmic wind to change course. Becoming more … Continue reading

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The Wild Turkey Animal Spirit Gift For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day turned out to be a pretty glorious day.   Mostly sunny and getting up into the 90’s.    This was one of the every “other” weekends that my son is with his father, so I had the morning to … Continue reading

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Herbs that help with kundalini awakenings

When I had difficulties sleeping and integrating the energies I became aware of during my Kundalini awakening,  there were two formulas in particular that helped me rebalance.  Little or no sleep, and little or poor food choices can quickly imbalance … Continue reading

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I thought last week was the last hurrah for going SUP’ing out on the lake, but no, my son and I had one more chance yesterday afternoon.  All I can say is what a gift,  what a haven and a … Continue reading

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The leeward side

I walked outside after breakfast with my dad yesterday, the sun and the air swept me up!   What a gorgeous day, a last hurrah before the cooler weather really sets in.  The to do list suddenly seemed much less … Continue reading

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Naming Things

Articulation Naming things Speaking what blocks another From God From their own human dream Is a whole body, All-of-life, Staring in a living mirror, Healing your own obstacles, Art Saying it all at once Can unmake too much at once … Continue reading

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