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Poem: Burn

Only one Here To burn Loves Fire and Wind

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Cotton-candy clouds for breakfast with an eagle

  I woke at 5:30 and headed out to the lake,  the first time I’ve ever done a sunrise paddle!   This is how the waves sounded at dawn today… The wind was just a little more gusty than the forecast, about 4-5 mph.  … Continue reading

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Fourth Mastercleanse Fast-Day 2

I’ve made a commitment for my own healing over the last year.   It is to do the Mastercleanse fast for at least 7 days, four times a year until certain symptoms resolve.   The first time I ever did … Continue reading

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Poem: Windstorm

Windstorm She was dying You wondered Why she didn’t do Homework Yet clung To every word   He is dying I wonder Why he doesn’t Diet Yet clings To my advice Karmic windstorm Making peace Held in love Laying down … Continue reading

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Digging in my heels

I haven’t written for a while,  the medical situation with my father and holding my family life steady has required all my attention.   It felt good to blanket myself in the holiday time away from external influences.  I fasted … Continue reading

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Day Six – master cleanse fast

I woke up this morning tingling, senses clear, excited to be “here” and alive.  I am on Day six of a master cleanse fast.  I haven’t eaten any food for over five days.  I’m drinking the recommended 8 cups of … Continue reading

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Dream: Spontaneous Flying

I just awoke having dreamed an amazing dream.  This is the fourth day of my ten day master cleanse fast. I was in a hall with many of my old spiritual friends, and my first spiritual teacher of non-duality (Advaita … Continue reading

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The quiescence of fasting

For me fasting is an antidote to our electronic, rushed way of life. So much of the over-stimulation my system meets throughout the day becomes gently dampened when I fast.  I become quiescent.  I can’t dash around the way I … Continue reading

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For the first time in over 9 or 10 years, I have planned a week-long vacation to do a fast, rest and organize my house. Actually, it may be longer than that. I’m not sure I have ever taken that … Continue reading

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