When I saw the map, a trail caught my eye; the “Neverland” loop. It is in a forest close to home but I’d never heard about, until a local outdoor shop posted about it this week. When I drove there today, I sensed the connection between this land and my favorite trail which I found two years ago.  There are similar stone mounds and an almost magical feeling about the land.

There are places and moments were other dimensions are more tangible, closer to the surface here.  It is five years almost exactly since the healing session which seemed to trigger my energetic awakening.   And this week it will be five years since I had a very unusual experience with insulin shock and met the woman who was destined to help me organize and care for my home.  We looked at each other today, seeing through those dimensions and reflected on how that all came to be.

So it was a poignant day to find myself in such a mystical place, on the Neverland trail 🙂

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