Three generations of love

Three generations of love

Welcome to the Stream of Life

This photo shares much about me; three generations of the stream of my life.  I am a mother, a caregiver and a professional in the computer field (with a background in biochemistry and scientific research).   I’ve come to share my poetry and writings about Kundalini and healing after many years of spiritual practice, travel and life experience.

What I wish most is for this site to share the spontaneous recognition that life is itself, already what we seek. Life itself is inherently an ineffable unfolding, we have arrived.


My actions themself
Are comprised of self-liberated awareness
Their nature is already the fruit of all accomplishment

My perception itself
Is intrinsically freed awareness
Only it, itself can limit itself as bondage
Only it, itself can see aright as liberation

My view then itself,
Perceives only itself,
Others are themselves, self-liberated awareness
What greater joy and blessing can there be
Than all beings through this view to see?

Sometimes much focus, practice or healing appears to take place in order to arrive at this experiential recognition.  Coming to a greater awareness of our life, our emotions and why we are here blessed with this human life is not always easy.  Reading about another’s path and experience can strike a resonant chord.  Taking the time to share my experience is itself focusing and healing for me.

Thank you for reading here, I wish you peace and fulfillment in your life.
-Teala Spitzbarth

teala @ thestreamoflife. net

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