I Hold Me

He told me
In the only heart
Whose depths
You will ever
Truly know.”

It shocked
My life wind
And burned
My wounded seeking
Of another to hold me
In the love I am
Like a meteorite sword
Of timelessness
Impacting flesh

That pain itself
Drew me out
To heal myself
To hold the shearing terror
I buried to survive
Still tempting myself
With the love of another
His words finally ring

I myself hold my birth
I hold my wounds
I hold my joy
I myself hold my death
It is not arrogance
It is not assertion
To speak this
I am
The mother presence
I hold me

-Teala July 27th 2011

Yeshe Walmo Protector deity of the Bon Lineage She holds a sword of meteorite iron

Yeshe Walmo
She holds a sword of meteorite iron

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