All, Already Awake, Always

This dimension
Where we are
All, already awake, always

We seemingly put ourselves to sleep
With our own word
And wake ourselves up
Reminded by the echoes
Of another’s inner landscape
Lightning fast, again
And again
All the while
All, already awake, always

Playing, this lila
Agreements to sleep
Commitments to wake
To see mirrored in others
The very things we do
To suffer, to grasp
To delight, to set free
To wake up in joy
To wake up in sorrow
To comfort and be consoled
To turn
And become our own
Secret Wish
Even if in the arms of another

All, already awake, always

Saturday, 02 April 2011
This poem is about going to a support group meeting. There was an uncanny intimacy between this woman and I as we spoke during this meeting. A knowing of each other’s suffering and the mirroring that happens within families like ours, and our own minds. My heart chakra physically hurt during most of the meeting, and still does while I write this.

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