Three hawks

Hawk welcome

Hawk welcome

I pulled up in my car this morning, and opened the door to a hawk swooping down right in front of me  🙂

And the odd thing was that yesterday morning two hawks, probably a mated pair, swooped right over my car as I drove to pick up my son. I looked intently at my hawk messenger this morning, and wondered why have three of you come to visit me in less than 24 hours? I’m going through a huge amount of change in my life right now, no doubt I’m being reminded to focus on the big picture.  It called me to experience the two other times hawk messengers have surprised me, when a hawk landed in front of me just having caught its prey and then again when a hawk appeared as a sentinel at a poignant moment.

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In representation to humanity, the hawk is called messenger, protector and visionary. Keen vision is one of its greatest gifts. Hawks see things others miss.

The hawk comes to you indicating that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here. It can teach you how to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground.

As you rise to a higher level, your psychic energies are awakening and the hawk can help you to keep those senses in balance. Its message for you is to be open to hope and new ideas, to extend the vision of your life.

The Hawk is an animal of flight. It soars through the air looking down, and sees everything. It has a larger perspective of what is going on down below. With its keen eyesight, it looks down as it soars through the air looking for its prey. It can see the smallest of creatures below.

The Hawk is known as a messenger, similar to the planet Mercury, for the hawk soars close to the Grandfather Sun, as does the planet. When you listen to the power of the Grandfather Sun or Wise Spirit that lives within, you are protected from all types of harm.

The Hawk teaches you to be observant and take a close look at your surroundings. It soars with the power to overcome difficult situations. It soars in circles over the life of the earth, asking you to circle over your life and view it from a higher perspective.

The Hawk has a distinct cry, one that most people are aware of. Its cry signifies awareness. If you hear the cry of the hawk use your intuitive ability to discern the message and seek the truth.

If a hawk has soared into your life, you require a higher perspective. You need to see the details of what is going on and look at the bigger picture. Take a look at your situation from above.

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