Herbs that may help with kundalini awakenings

When I had difficulties sleeping and integrating the energies I became aware of during my Kundalini awakening,  there were two formulas in particular that helped me rebalance.  Little or no sleep, and little or poor food choices can quickly imbalance just about anyone, and I am a diabetic so it was especially true for me.

I mention these here because both of these formulas are suitable for a range of constitutions,  they will likely work well for most people. However consulting with your medical doctor and a practitioner familiar with herbs to make sure there are no contraindications with your medical conditions is always essential.   (Note: I have no financial connection to any of these products or companies.  I only list these because they are the ones I was prescribed and they worked well.)

Compassionate Sage (Kan Herbs)

Compassionate Sage (Kan Herbs)

Compassionate Sage is a Chinese herbal formula that helps settle thoughts into calmer perceptions and address insomnia.  Product information sheet to the left.

Theanine Serene is a wonderful product that I found especially helpful during the day, when integrating new perceptions about how our culture is currently (dys)functioning.

I hope this information may be of benefit to others.

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