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Astronaut Redux

There is no gravity No air What keeps me alive Spinning In mid-air? All the earth, All the atmosphere Dissolved I am a ghost astronaut Hanging here Devastating celestial, Wrathful dakini Teaching Razed our lives apart Breathe emptiness in Exhale … Continue reading

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Sheer Physics

I woke up suddenly, it is about 5:00 am.   I look around the room and everything feels different in ways that I can’t describe.  It is like waking up into a new life, a new karmic path, but the walls … Continue reading

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Reblog: Poem-Blessed Boddhisattva

This poem was originally posted by Charlie Morris in January 2010.

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Seeing beyond the material and working with doctors

I have a doctor that I see on a regular basis, who helps me track the more subtle aspects of my diabetes, stress and my ability to keep up with all that life has given me.   When your system is sensitive, … Continue reading

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Poem: Made of Kindness

A thousand emails, Poems and articles Made of kindness That answered every question For me to see I will not just receive God’s love But that I am, already, God’s love Each day I awaken to the Sought Itself, always being the … Continue reading

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Herbs that help with kundalini awakenings

When I had difficulties sleeping and integrating the energies I became aware of during my Kundalini awakening,  there were two formulas in particular that helped me rebalance.  Little or no sleep, and little or poor food choices can quickly imbalance … Continue reading

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Retreat Spot Found

After working with Charlie Morris for almost four years, I have experienced his great capacity to hold healing energies. This will be a very heartwarming and potent retreat. If you or anyone you know is looking to share and integrate … Continue reading

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Screenplay and Mother’s day

Below is an excerpt from my journal, written early Tuesday morning on May 7th. It stands on its own. It is about an experience of deep gnostic knowing. On a human level, we do not often willingly choose deep pain … Continue reading

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Love is an open space

There is something that can be unexpected about Love. Unconditional love. It is a space that allows what is unlike love to rapidly arise. Like a vacuum, it seems to draw repressed, dormant karmic patterns out of ourselves and others … Continue reading

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