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Poem: lost

Too much is stripped At once, you’re lost Can I lose all this And somehow return? Am I fighting the way It is supposed to be? Just stay still in This astronaut emptiness The ashes are the birth Place of … Continue reading

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Healing through hardship

Yes, there is a level right now where I am fine, an aspect where my soul sparkles mightily. But I am writing this article tonight to attend to my own care and acknowledge that my life path  is entering a period … Continue reading

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Poem: Sight

I don’t want to see it I want him to be As independent as he thinks he is I don’t want to see The mechanics of the ticking clock Winding down Channels closing, even as remission Is about to be … Continue reading

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Poem: Healed from the Healing

  Will I be healed From the healing? I sat the whole day Helping my father Take toxin to treat His toxins I prayed for him And everyone It felt so healing for me To use my lifeforce For prayer … Continue reading

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Appreciating What You’ve Got

I had a painful day yesterday. It was heavy, there was a letting go of something that I obviously have come into this life to reconcile. A dream I came here to hold protectively, like a rare and delicate bird, … Continue reading

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