Poem: Worth and Misfortune

I’ve decided my
Is worth living

Even if few understand
What it is devoted to
And the isolation that brings
A few writings that intimate
The most important experiences
I came here in a body to behold

And the other experiences
I did not come here for –
Betrayal, deceit, intimidation, extortion
The ones I had no choice but to endure
The ones I have to watch my son

The teachers who told me to
“Be firm” and “work things out”
Who themselves hand those hard words off
To others who don’t know
How to speak them
So expect my advice
Which means that, again,
I am the one who speaks them

It is worth living
Even in pain
Pain from physical accidents
Karmic adjustments like God
Wielding an ax for spiritual surgery
Pain from social misconducts
I had no knowledge of
But still have to bear the misfortunes

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