Poem: Sidelined

Yes,  relationship with you
Is what I came here for

It itself dreaming it awakens through a relationship with a teacherhttps://1.bp.blogspot.com/-h-JK4vAiivw/WNZYC0A2agI/AAAAAAAAJKo/jW4QHPN52g4dQ2dxmk8HkVAMK-JHjmGSgCLcB/s640/01.jpg
Dissolving the myth
That you created my experience
Is the experience I attained

But that has sidelined me
In an unrecoverable way
Cooking that hot soup
Lord, what were we even talking about?

That aspect, attitude has dissipated
Eroded, dissolved, capsized
Sometimes I’m angry
For how I latched onto you
To learn how to sew my own robes
But I don’t latch any longer

No, you are not a regular teacher
I can not do what I did with teachers
You saved me from that, I saved me

There is an ineffable mystical connection,
That is undeniable
Like the most exquisite kind of touch
And there is wounded human blockage

Boy how I wanted to heal that blockage
But why?

I know you would say that you still have an ego
And it is spiritual folly to want a guide without one

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