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Reblog: The Tipping Point of Illness by Charlie Morris

Below is a very good article by Charlie Morris from 2010 – one that didn’t make it onto his new website.   I’m reblogging this here because I’ve been living the truth of this article for several months.   Karmic situations … Continue reading

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Children’s Reiki Class

My son and I attended a children’s Reiki class last weekend which was recommended by a colleague. Wonderful and supportive, the angelic energy was very tangible. There were five children all together. Crystals everywhere. The attunements were very touching to … Continue reading

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I’ve never sailed a boat or windsurfed. Yet this word jibe came forward over the last week. It makes me feel how to navigate the winds of life.  How I can turn my sail into a sudden karmic wind to change course. Becoming more … Continue reading

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Poem: Healed from the Healing

  Will I be healed From the healing? I sat the whole day Helping my father Take toxin to treat His toxins I prayed for him And everyone It felt so healing for me To use my lifeforce For prayer … Continue reading

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The openness of crisis

Last night I experienced something unusual happen.  While it was happening, it felt so quietly natural that it didn’t strike me as atypical.  Yet it was, and why it was unusual has been very fruitful for me to contemplate this … Continue reading

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Love is an open space

There is something that can be unexpected about Love. Unconditional love. It is a space that allows what is unlike love to rapidly arise. Like a vacuum, it seems to draw repressed, dormant karmic patterns out of ourselves and others … Continue reading

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