Poem: Recovery

And when I die,
They’ll blame me for not
Having taken better care
Of myself

They’ll discuss my disease
Of empathy and enablement
If only she could have healed
From her childhood
Found a functional partner
Put her father in a home
Lived a better life for herself
Given a better life to her child

The doctor hands me a list
Of pathogenic overgrowths
Of medications I must take
Of problems adult children have
All these obstacles to healthy living
The way people ought to be

The strongest boundary
Is not entering the dreaming process
Of other’s dysfunctional, unkind behaviors
Even the well-meaning doctors
I depend on to survive

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2 Responses to Poem: Recovery

  1. mandala65 says:

    People seem always to be quickly concerned with “take care of YOURself” as if your aren’t. As if you won’t. I guess this is meant to convey care, and it is something to say, after all, to articulate. But, others rarely know one’s story, the true and deep story of a life. Who is to say? Love, Teala. ♥

    • tealas says:

      Thank you Chandra ♥
      I think it is hard to for someone who knows you to see you choose a long, hard path that may be wearing you down. Sometimes it is easier to view that you are making a mistake, rather than the meaning of that choice. But for me, feeling bullied into someone else’s perspective of health, does make the meaning of my choices that much clearer. to me… which is where it counts.

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